Summer 2019 Appalachian Trail Hiking Plans…

Planning another AT hike. Here is what I have so far.

Do you want to go?

Looking at a week in June or July.

2019 AT Hike

(Based on 10 mile days)

Day 1 – 31.1 to 32.2 – Travel to Dick’s Creek Gap, park car and meet up with shuttle driver. Shuttle to Neel Gap and hike 1 mile North to Bull Gap to camp.

Day 2 – 32.2 to 42.6 – Camp at Low Gap Shelter.

Day 3 – 42.6 to 52.3 – Camp at Unicoi Gap

Day 4 – 52.3 to 65.4 – Camp at Deep Gap Shelter

Day 5 – 65.3 to 69 – Finish at car, travel home

(Maps taken from The A.T. Guide 2018 Northbound)

First snow of the year…

January 12, 2019 marks the first snow we’ve had this year and the kids are loving it!

I love seeing them play in the snow and have fun together. They are such sweet girls and kind to each other, most of the time. 😁

Now I’m ready for spring so I can get on the trail and do some backpacking, hiking and camping in milder weather. 😎

Stay warm and keep the sled slick side down.