Workout Motivation

How I build self-confidence…


Self confidence is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, not how others perceive you. I believe one way to build self-confidence is to do some type of daily workout.

We have to make taking care of our physical body one of the most important things we do. A strong healthy body provides the energy, confidence, and strength we need to win in business and in life.

When we are fit, healthy, and active, we feel our best. Feeling good is important because our body is a temple. It houses our soul and our mind, which is the source of our strength and power.


Keeping a healthy physical routine is one more way you are keeping a promise to yourself. It’s a daily validation that you are worthy and value yourself enough to keep your promises to you. This builds your self-confidence.

Make decisions, set standards, and take actions that will get you closer to becoming the best version of you and the person you were born to be. You have it within you.

Be strong!


The aftermath…

A hard workout Monday and an eating spree on Tuesday led to a long stretching session this morning.

Then an even longer workout. 💪

Things I told myself this morning:

I’m sore and don’t want to workout…Good! Do it anyway!

I’m tired and don’t want to workout…Good! Do it anyway!

I ate to much yesterday and don’t want to workout…Good! Do it anyway!

Routine is good! It causes me to do what I know I need to do when I don’t want to do it.

Have a great day people!!

Ps. Did you workout today?

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