Investment property ups and downs…

One minute I’m collection rent and on top of the world because I’m thinking “this business just might work” then I get a text from a tenant that just says “Steve!!!” and has this picture attached. 😳

Holy cow!! Looks to me like the toilet has turned into a washing machine!

It’s all part of the property ownership package though. The fun part is finding, negotiating and buying the properties. The less fun part is the property rehab, finding great tenants and of course plumbing issues.

I’m fortunate the person who lives in this property is a great tenant! Very understanding of the “old house” issues we are having and willing to work through them with us.

If there is one skill that a person needs to master to be a good landlord it is the ability to find great people to partner with. Not only the realtor, banker, attorney, and contractor but the tenant. Great tenants will take care of the property, work with you when there are maintenance issues and keep their rent paid on time.

I could write a best selling book about the things we’ve experienced in the investment property business. 😁

Make your goals a priority…

If you are reading this, I dare you to dedicate the next 6 months exclusively to your goals.

No announcements, just fall back and do the work.

If you’re already doing something that’s working for your then double down on it.

You should have a list of goals in the following areas:
-Health (physical, mental, spiritual)
-Wealth (your income, savings & investments)
-Love (relationships)
-Happiness (what makes you happy?)

Make your goals a priority.

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2018 is a gone forever…

Did you accomplish what you set out to last year?

I fell a little short of my 2018 goals but I’m in a lot better shape with my health, wealth and relationships.

-I have a workout routine in place.
-I bought some more investment properties.
-I have grown closer to Amy and the girls.
-I took a couple of trips with friends.

All because I identified what I wanted, made a plan and took daily action. It’s not easy and if anyone tells you it is walk away from them fast! But it is so worth the rewards.

I’ve reset the bar and have them listed in my phone notes and carry them in my wallet so I can review, reflect and take action on them daily.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have goals to work toward daily. It’s the force that pulls us toward making our dreams a reality.

Dream Big – Hustle Harder!

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New Blog…or revived blog…

Yeah I said blog twice. Haha!

I’ve started posting to a wordpress blog and some of the post run parallel to my Instagram and fb post.

However, I plan to make a lot more post on my blog page so I have a better more retrievable record for future use.

I plan to post about my electrical work, real estate investing, hiking & camping and personal development topics.

I would like for you to follow my blog post so I can build an audience here and have discussions outside of fb.

You can follow this blog by following the link on the right side of this page.

Thanks for your support and input!

You are the product of the people you surround yourself with…

If you take a piece of rotten fruit and place it beside perfectly good fruit…what happens?

The mold from the rotten fruit spreads over to the good fruit and both end up in bad condition.

So what happens when you surround yourself with people who dont build you up? Well….you become just like them…

Food for thought on this beautiful day.