Being deserving…

During my morning quiet time I was pondering where I am in life and what I’ve accomplished.

My thoughts center around the following question…What do I deserve?

I deserve the things I have, the relationships I’ve developed and the business I’m building because of hard work, discipline and a positive attitude toward life. I am where I am in life because of all the decisions I’ve made. Some were mistakes and some the best I could make at the time.

I don’t deserve the things I “want.” Like the level of health I “want” or the income I “want” because I haven’t put in the right amount of consistant effort. I see that clearly and plan to work harder for what I deserve. Want has nothing to do with deserve.

What do you deserve?

Ps. Pretty sure that’s a plane at 30,000 feet and not a UFO. But I want to believe we are not alone so maybe it is a UFO. 🙂

Life is a journey & tomorrow is Monday…

Tomorrow is Monday and the first real work week of 2019.

I’m resetting my vision and focus and once again adopting these rules for success.

On my journey I’ve adopted these rules.

I work toward self discipline and total responsibility in all areas.

This is my journey.

I don’t impose my journey on anyone.

If you want to adopt a similar journey or an opposite journey that’s your decision and responsibility.

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Upward basketball is in full swing…

Alaura and Alison are both playing this year and Amy is coaching Alaura’s team.

This makes for overlapping schedules but is so worth it. They have such a great time playing and learning in this environment.

It’s fun to see the progress they make throughout the year too. Their ball handling skills improve as do their communication skills.It’s an all around great experience for the kids.

A big thanks to Brett Stamps for organizing the program this year. 💪


Closed another deal…


I’m a little behind getting this post up but we closed 2018 by purchasing another property. This makes unit number five and we are very happy with it and the deal.

It’s a 1200 sqft two bed one bath with central heat and air and with a fenced yard. New carpet, paint and appliances. 😁

Special thanks to Louis and Susan Baldwin for representing us again. They are first class professionals and wonderful friends. They are “OUR” Realtors and should be yours too!

And a very special thanks to Amy for being there by my side though all the ups and downs of the rental business. ❤️

Dare to dream big, take action and never quit!

I almost forgot…a big shout out to Paige Barhorst at Fugitt Law Office. She is an excellent attorney and handles all of our work.



Ps. We closed November 30th and had a signed lease on December 22nd. That’s the fastest turn around we’ve had to date and I’m looking for more deals like this one.

Be great!


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Investment property ups and downs…

One minute I’m collection rent and on top of the world because I’m thinking “this business just might work” then I get a text from a tenant that just says “Steve!!!” and has this picture attached. 😳

Holy cow!! Looks to me like the toilet has turned into a washing machine!

It’s all part of the property ownership package though. The fun part is finding, negotiating and buying the properties. The less fun part is the property rehab, finding great tenants and of course plumbing issues.

I’m fortunate the person who lives in this property is a great tenant! Very understanding of the “old house” issues we are having and willing to work through them with us.

If there is one skill that a person needs to master to be a good landlord it is the ability to find great people to partner with. Not only the realtor, banker, attorney, and contractor but the tenant. Great tenants will take care of the property, work with you when there are maintenance issues and keep their rent paid on time.

I could write a best selling book about the things we’ve experienced in the investment property business. 😁

Make your goals a priority…

If you are reading this, I dare you to dedicate the next 6 months exclusively to your goals.

No announcements, just fall back and do the work.

If you’re already doing something that’s working for your then double down on it.

You should have a list of goals in the following areas:
-Health (physical, mental, spiritual)
-Wealth (your income, savings & investments)
-Love (relationships)
-Happiness (what makes you happy?)

Make your goals a priority.

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2018 is a gone forever…

Did you accomplish what you set out to last year?

I fell a little short of my 2018 goals but I’m in a lot better shape with my health, wealth and relationships.

-I have a workout routine in place.
-I bought some more investment properties.
-I have grown closer to Amy and the girls.
-I took a couple of trips with friends.

All because I identified what I wanted, made a plan and took daily action. It’s not easy and if anyone tells you it is walk away from them fast! But it is so worth the rewards.

I’ve reset the bar and have them listed in my phone notes and carry them in my wallet so I can review, reflect and take action on them daily.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have goals to work toward daily. It’s the force that pulls us toward making our dreams a reality.

Dream Big – Hustle Harder!

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