Personal development

Change is tough…

Change is the basic law of nature.

It’s not the most intellectual or the strongest that survives, its the one that is best able to adapt.

You must be able to adapt and change (this is the key to success, IQ isn’t everything). Strength and IQ are pushed as the key to success… they don’t take adaptability into account.

Species adapt over years and years, you only have ONE life – therefore you need to be able to adapt quickly (we’re programmed to not change, it’s in our hardwiring). We have been taught to see everything in black and white (success/failure).

Don’t see a shortcoming as a failure, it is merely an experiment on the path of success.

Failure moves you closer towards your goal.

With each ‘failure’ you change things again and again until you succeed – you’re adapting your way to success.

In business adaption is key – successful businesses will fail if they remain in black and white and do not change and adapt with the times.

Don’t over-adapt (unnecessary adaption). You will become unstable during the adaption phase, be ready for this.

You must show courage and exert toughness while you adapt – be it ending a bad relationship or cutting ties with a business or business partner.

You do not have time to waste in a paralyzed state (knowing the situation is wrong yet not adapting).

*Notes from the Tai Lopez 67 Steps program.

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Life is a journey & tomorrow is Monday…

Tomorrow is Monday and the first real work week of 2019.

I’m resetting my vision and focus and once again adopting these rules for success.

On my journey I’ve adopted these rules.

I work toward self discipline and total responsibility in all areas.

This is my journey.

I don’t impose my journey on anyone.

If you want to adopt a similar journey or an opposite journey that’s your decision and responsibility.

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