Summer 2019 Appalachian Trail Hiking Plans…

Planning another AT hike. Here is what I have so far.

Do you want to go?

Looking at a week in June or July.

2019 AT Hike

(Based on 10 mile days)

Day 1 – 31.1 to 32.2 – Travel to Dick’s Creek Gap, park car and meet up with shuttle driver. Shuttle to Neel Gap and hike 1 mile North to Bull Gap to camp.

Day 2 – 32.2 to 42.6 – Camp at Low Gap Shelter.

Day 3 – 42.6 to 52.3 – Camp at Unicoi Gap

Day 4 – 52.3 to 65.4 – Camp at Deep Gap Shelter

Day 5 – 65.3 to 69 – Finish at car, travel home

(Maps taken from The A.T. Guide 2018 Northbound)

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