Being deserving…

During my morning quiet time I was pondering where I am in life and what I’ve accomplished.

My thoughts center around the following question…What do I deserve?

I deserve the things I have, the relationships I’ve developed and the business I’m building because of hard work, discipline and a positive attitude toward life. I am where I am in life because of all the decisions I’ve made. Some were mistakes and some the best I could make at the time.

I don’t deserve the things I “want.” Like the level of health I “want” or the income I “want” because I haven’t put in the right amount of consistant effort. I see that clearly and plan to work harder for what I deserve. Want has nothing to do with deserve.

What do you deserve?

Ps. Pretty sure that’s a plane at 30,000 feet and not a UFO. But I want to believe we are not alone so maybe it is a UFO. 🙂

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