More electrical work…business is good.

I’m normally not to excited about residential electrical work and this job was no different.

It looked like a fire hazard the first time I saw it and knew it would need an overhaul.

So this week in the 30 degree weather we tore out the entire service from the weather head to the electrical panels and upgraded the service from a 100 amp to a 200 amp.

After all the circuits where identified they were disconnected and the new box was mounted to the wall.

We installed a new Square D panel box and breakers. This house has 8 base board heaters for the primary heat, electric range, air conditioner a handful of outlet and lighting circuits as well as an electric water heater.

The electrical inspector was happy with our work and approved it for re-connection. KU took care of that part. 😁

All in all the project turned out good and this house has a new electrical distribution system that will be reliable and safe for many years to come.

The worst part of this project was the cold rainy weather. We were committed to the timeline as we had to coordinate with the utility company, the tenant and our busy schedules to make this work.

Whether it’s industrial, commercial or residential electrical work; it’s all about doing good quality work, satisfying the electrical code, the inspector and the customer.

We did all that and we got paid! 💵😁

Just a side note…I recommend using an experienced licensed electrician for all your electrical work as the risk for injury or fire is there if best practices are not followed. It’s the simple things that cause the biggest problems. Like a loose wire nut or improperly connected outlet.

Be safe.


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