Investment property ups and downs…

One minute I’m collection rent and on top of the world because I’m thinking “this business just might work” then I get a text from a tenant that just says “Steve!!!” and has this picture attached. 😳

Holy cow!! Looks to me like the toilet has turned into a washing machine!

It’s all part of the property ownership package though. The fun part is finding, negotiating and buying the properties. The less fun part is the property rehab, finding great tenants and of course plumbing issues.

I’m fortunate the person who lives in this property is a great tenant! Very understanding of the “old house” issues we are having and willing to work through them with us.

If there is one skill that a person needs to master to be a good landlord it is the ability to find great people to partner with. Not only the realtor, banker, attorney, and contractor but the tenant. Great tenants will take care of the property, work with you when there are maintenance issues and keep their rent paid on time.

I could write a best selling book about the things we’ve experienced in the investment property business. 😁

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