2018 is a gone forever…

Did you accomplish what you set out to last year?

I fell a little short of my 2018 goals but I’m in a lot better shape with my health, wealth and relationships.

-I have a workout routine in place.
-I bought some more investment properties.
-I have grown closer to Amy and the girls.
-I took a couple of trips with friends.

All because I identified what I wanted, made a plan and took daily action. It’s not easy and if anyone tells you it is walk away from them fast! But it is so worth the rewards.

I’ve reset the bar and have them listed in my phone notes and carry them in my wallet so I can review, reflect and take action on them daily.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have goals to work toward daily. It’s the force that pulls us toward making our dreams a reality.

Dream Big – Hustle Harder!

#2019goals #biggoals #healthwealthlovehappiness #beachlife #thinkingman #stevegullett

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