2018 Lessons Learned…

Here’s my top five 2018 lessons learned.

1. Consistent daily action toward my written goals makes me happy. I’m excited about progress toward what I’ve decided is important to me.

2. Even with consistent daily action progress seems slow. Muscles develop slowly, habits take longer than expected to develop and it takes more time then allotted to complete most projects (and more money).

3. I enjoy my quiet time in the mornings before everyone starts pulling at me. Exercising, reading, reviewing my goals and just sitting and thinking in a quiet room. I need to protect this time as it makes me a better me.

4. Investing quality time in relationships pays huge dividends.

5. My goals are not big enough and I need to work on my mindset in this area.

—>Special thanks to Cynthia Powell for first posting this question on Facebook. I thought it was great and had to repost it.

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