I don’t need an office…I have a mobile business


Marty and I were building our mobile business from the Waffle House parking lot. Being an entrepreneur is doing things that most will not. Working from a parking lot because someone was ready to take a look at the opportunity we had to offer meant doing whatever it takes. Would you stand in a parking lot talking on the phone to build a business? We did!!

Make the call. Show the plan. Answer the questions. Close the deal. Get them started. Wash, rinse and repeat. 🙂

I enjoy working with Marty as he is a smart and funny guy. It doesn’t even seem like work when we team up! He did question my parking lot office though. 🙂

In closing let me ask you the Golden Question. “If I could show you a way to make money with your smartphone, by sharing an app that everybody LOVES to use, would you want to see it?”

Be great!

Steve Gullett

To see how the mobile business works reach out to me at JoinSteveGullett.com or give me a call at (859) 398–8329.

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