Really think about that for a moment.  Maybe I won’t meet every single person on earth but I can sure meet a lot of them if I make that my goal.  And you may ask why would I want to meet every person on earth?  It’s because there is greatness and genius in most everyone.  Why not be a part of helping them find it and bring it out?  I believe we were created to make someone else’s life better.

‘The opportunity for brotherhood presents itself every time you meet a human being.’ -Jane Wyman
Lots of people

Rather than having my world contract from fear.  You know, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear that someone might think I’m crazy and so on.  You know that fear too, right?  I want my world to expand.  I not only want to meet every single person on earth but when I walk in the room I want people to say, that’s the guy that helped me.  That’s the guy that gave me a hand up when I needed it most.  That’s the most positive guy I know.

So on my quest I’m taking selfies and group pictures and sending thank you cards back to the people I meet.  I want them to know our meeting was not by chance but a deliberate attempt to meet them.  An attempt to get to know them better.  An attempt to help them if I can.

To be a change maker I have to change.  I have to change fear into action…

Here are some resent pictures of the people I have met so far.

Winchester Chamber Ambassador Team / A Business to Business Relationship Building Team

Jack Uldrich, Speaker/Author/Global Futurist and Shannon Denniston, Entrepreneur/Mentor/Business Leader

Professor Sam Stapleton, Morehead State University College of Business and Shannon Denniston

Chris White, Plant Manager at National Chimney and Sabrina Rhodus, The Electric Depot

Barry Frazier, Commercial Loan Officer at Peoples Exchange Bank

Doug Frazier, Solutions Engagement Manager at Lexmark and Shannon Denniston

Stacy Hiler, Mt. Sterling Water

Ray Fulks, Engineering at Cooper Standard Automotive

Larry Freels, Remax Realty and 2015 Lbar President

Michelle Blackburn, Coldwell Banker Realty and Cindy Banks, Winchester Chamber

Rob Hillard, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Rebecca Randall, Entrepreneur, Super Hero Business Builder

3,000+ Entrepreneurs

Double R, Musician

Rob Hillard, Traci Rungi, Entrepreneur and Matt “Shorty” Wells, Entrepreneur

Becky Rue, Entrepreneur

Jim McCord, Realtor/Entrepreneur

Jordan Adler, Entrepreneur

Super Dave Smith, Entrepreneur

Shorty Wells

Don Shan, Entrepreneur

As you can see I choose to surround myself with big thinkers and entrepreneurs.  I like when people think outside the box and find when I associate with them I do the same.

So, who do you know that you can introduce me too? If I’m going to meet every single person on earth then I should start meeting everyone you know and the people they know.

Will you help me set my fear aside? Will you help me move down the path of meeting every single person on earth?  Will you introduce me to someone I don’t know?


(859) 398-8329

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