Passive Residual Income = Financial Freedom


“True financial freedom lies in your ability to create residual income, meaning that you are no longer forced to trade your time in exchange for money. There are plenty of income options out there, but only a select few can produce residual cash flow, and even fewer that produce a residual cash flow that continues after you retire. Residual cash flow means getting paid again and again from work you did at one time. After a big year as a top real estate agent, you begin the next year back at square one and have to start all over again. Residual income is a far more lucrative option, and when you add to that the travel advantages, the tax savings, and the ability to work from home, there really is no other industry quite like it, and the masses are beginning to realize this”. Dave Nelson

I’ve found the golden goose and have learned how to make it lay the golden eggs. Join me in the journey to creating passive residual income. What I like to call Beach Money.

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